Paddle Tennis Court


The Paddle Tennis Courts are constructed according to the norms and standards determined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and are delivered to you with the necessary tests by ITF. According to these standards, the construction area of ​​the tennis court is determined as 36 meters in length and 18 meters in total, and 668 square meters in total.

We are able to make paddle tennis courts smaller or larger for amateur use and hobby. It is especially preferred in estates and detached living areas.

With 10 years of experience in the sports grounds sector, we are able to install tennis courts professionally and smoothly.

Flooring Applications Used in Tennis Court Construction:

  • Synthetic Grass Tennis Court
  • Tartan Floor Tennis Court
  • Acrylic Floor Tennis Court

Acrylic Ground Paddle Tennis Court


Acrylic Ground Paddle Tennis Court is constructed as 36 meters in length and 18 meters in total and 668 square meters open or closed according to the standards determined by International Tennis Federation (ITF). Acrylic floor paddle tennis courts can be built in any size required for amateur use outside of international dimensions.

Soil Applications Used in Acrylic Paddle Tennis Court Construction:

  1. Acrylic Ground Paddle Tennis Court
  2. Cushion Acrylic Floor Paddle Tennis court

Reform Sports, which specializes in the construction of Acrylic Floor Paddle Tennis Courts, performs turnkey construction of acrylic floor paddle tennis courts in as short as 3-4 weeks.

We deliver and install Padel Courts! A lot of options available! Ask for your price and costs involved in a Padel project! Your Padel Courts are getting closer to you.

High Quality

Our products are produced with the highest quality, ethical standards and in accordance with the technical specifications.

High UV Resistance

It is produced with special UV resistant additive. Besides being resistant to UV rays, it is also resistant to cold weather.


Our abrasion and wear-resistant products come with different heights, color options, and unique characteristics.

Long Lasting

Artificial turfs are easy to maintain and cheap, as well as have a very long life with small maintenance.