In the construction of indoor and outdoor basketball courts, the professional reform sports basketball floors facilitate sports and provide maximum performance to basketball fans.

Types of Basketball Court Construction:

  • Outdoor Basketball Court
  • Indoor Basketball Court

Outdoor Basketball Court is a sports field surrounded by wire mesh. The indoor basketball court is constructed as a closed sports hall and covered by steel construction.

Floor Applications Used in Basketball Court Construction:

  • Basketball Court with Acrylic Floor
  • Basketball Court with Tartan Floor
  • Basketball Court with Parquet Floor
  • Polyurethane Floor Basketball Court

Acrylic Floor Basketball Courts

Acrylic Flooring is a fast-drying, UV resistant, and suitable system for all kinds of weather conditions for indoor and outdoor basketball court applications. The acrylic floor can be applied as 2mm or 3mm. Acrylic floor system consists of bitumen modified synthetic surface regulator, synthetic coating, and synthetic topcoat acrylic paint.

Cushion Acrylic System consists of bitumen modified acrylic or rubber powder-filled, cushion, surface regulator, acrylic coating, and acrylic topcoat paint layers.

High Quality

Our products are produced with the highest quality, ethical standards and in accordance with the technical specifications.

High UV Resistance

It is produced with special UV resistant additive. Besides being resistant to UV rays, it is also resistant to cold weather.


Our abrasion and wear-resistant products come with different heights, color options, and unique characteristics.

Long Lasting

Artificial turfs are easy to maintain and cheap, as well as have a very long life with small maintenance.